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Unexpectedly, the purple potatoes are often used as a snack it turns out to provide tremendous benefits for the health of the body, precisely in reducing the risk of colon cancer and other harmful intestinal disorders. How can this happen ..?

Professor Jairam Vanamala, a health expert from Pennsylvania State University in the United States, says purple potatoes and other colorful vegetables are rich in bioactive compounds like phenolic acids and anthocyanins that have been shown to prevent cancer. Professor Vanamala and his team mentioned that the compound was able to work to the molecular level so it can be considered the first step to find a cure for one of the most deadly diseases in the world ...

In a study published in the Journal of Nutritional Biochemestry, it was mentioned that nutrient-rich foods called macronutrients like proteins and micro or fitonutrients like vitamins, flavonoids and carotenoids would be able to alter the performance of 2 6 or interleukin 6 mucosa, a protein that could trigger the spread or growth of cancer cells ...
Professor Vanamala mentions that a healthy diet and done in a way more often consuming plant-based ingredients will make a person lower risk of colon cancer risk much better when compared with those who are accustomed to eating meat ...

If purple potatoes can prevent colon cancer, will white potatoes we consume more often can also benefit the same? Professor Vanamala mentioned that although it has healthy compounds, white potatoes do not have the concentration of anti-inflammatory compounds and antioxidants as big as those of purple potatoes. This means, still purple potato consumption is considered better ...

So, frequently consume purple potatoes and other healthy foods such as vegetables and fruit in order to prevent the coming of various dangerous diseases such as cancer ...

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