Top 10 Mouth Cancer Symptoms – How & Facts

*** signs of throat cancer ***

Mouth Cancer Symptoms
Oral Cancer Symptoms
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In this video we try to inform you about top ten symptoms of mouth cancer. in which
1. Inside the mouth area either on lips and gums there will be some kind of swelling,

lumps, rough red spots.

2. White and red soft covering grows inside the mouth.

3. Mysterious blood flow in mouth area.

4. Inexplicable emotions, feelings lost, continuous pain in mouth or neck area.

5. Obstinate spots on mouth face and neck that flow blood easily and cannot heal easily

within 14 days.

6. Person feels that something get jammed in the back of throat.

7. Person fells much pain and difficulty in speaking, eating or moving the jaws and tongue.

8. Harshness, sore throat, ear pain and changing of voice is also a symptom of this disease.

9. Fastest weight loose.

10. Change in the pattern of fitting of teeth.

Mouth Cancer Symptoms

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Top 10 Mouth Cancer Symptoms – How & Facts

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