What Are The Signs And Symptoms Of Tuberculosis?

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Tuberculosis or TB is a bacterial air-borne disease that can affect people at large. You should not neglect the symptoms of tuberculosis; and you also must be aware of the ways to treat yourself in case you are suffering from the symptoms.

Tuberculosis is a contagious disease and each person should be examined while he is staying with an affected person.

If a person has a stronger immunity system, his body will be able to fight harder to resist from becoming sick. On the basis of that, physicians have divided this disease into two categories.

Before knowing what the symptoms of tuberculosis are, you should get a short overview about the disease in itself.

TB is divided into two categories, namely latent TB and active TB. In case of latent TB, you may not get the usual symptoms of tuberculosis, as the bacteria stay in an inactive state in your body.

That doesn’t mean you can ignore it, as ignoring these symptoms at the first stage can turn it into an active TB.

Latent TB is not infectious like the other one. On the other hand, the usual symptoms that indicate towards TB can be shown if you are affected with active TB. You can see the symptoms within one week of infection and treatment should be started as soon as possible.

Interesting information about active TB is that the bacteria-affected person can get sick within a week after the infection or it may take years to have prominent symptoms of tuberculosis. So have a look at this complete video to know what the symptoms of tuberculosis are.

1. Continuous Coughing:
This is one of the vital symptoms of TB. If you are coughing for more than one month and no cough syrups and antibiotics are working, you should see a doctor. It may happen due to tuberculosis.

2. Coughing With Blood:
Coughing for other reasons may not have blood in it. Coughing up blood is an important symptom of tuberculosis. Once you see it, don’t wait for the next turn. Consult a physician immediately.

3. Chest Pain:
There may be lots of reasons for chest pain to occur. But, TB is one of those reasons. If you feel a severe pain while breathing in/out each time, it maybe because of tuberculosis. Even, breathing can get difficult and you may end up in coughing while trying to breathe.

4. Sudden Weight Loss:
What are the symptoms of tuberculosis? Well, you need to pay attention to this general symptom. Are you losing your weight at afast pace? If no remedies work out to maintain your healthy weight and you are continuously losing it, then consult doctor without further delay. It may be TB.

5. Fever:
If coughing and chest pain have the company of fever, it is TB for sure. The temperature won’t raise high, but you will have a low-grade fever that may not subside. You need proper treatment and dosage of medicines for this.

6. Night Sweats:
TB can cause the patients to be spending sleepless nights due to cough and fever. Another companion of these can be night sweats. You may start sweating excessively while having active TB. This is one of the most important symptoms of tuberculosis to look out for.

7. Fatigue:
You will feel like lying down the whole day, as you may feel deprived of energy in your body while suffering from TB. Fatigue is one of the most crucial symptoms of tuberculosis. But, if you feel so, consult a doctor, as there can be some other reasons for it too.

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What Are The Signs And Symptoms Of Tuberculosis?

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